Talking Invitations

        Talking Invitations.If you are planning a special functions or events, why not create an invitation that includes a spoken message, music or sound effects?It will be so cool right? We are able to assist with any size of enquiry, from a special one off to any large quantity production. We can help you to produce an innovative, memorable invitation.

        Choose any voice message or sound clip up to 25 seconds long. We can make an Invitation that will play your chosen sound clip automatically as the card is opened.

        You can send us a sound file to our email, that you have created or we can make one especially for you. Send us your custom sound file in MP3 audio format and we can then pre-record your chosen sound onto each card module. If you wish to organise your own printed cards and manage the final assembly yourself, we can supply just the pre-recorded electronic modules. Please call us now to discuss your ideas.
Each module contains,
- 4.5 volt battery
- OTP void IC
- Speaker

* Click Below to watch working demo